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Welcome to the Plane Spotters Wiki! We’re a community website plane spotters! This includes information about plane spotters, airports, and much more! Feel free to help out, we cannot do this all alone!

About Plane SpottingEdit

Plane spotting is when someone goes to the airport and takes pictures or videos of aircraft. There are many plane spotters on websites such as YouTube, etc.

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There are hundreds of airports around the world, explore them here on this Wiki!

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You may create pages for your channel or airports. If you want to create another aviation-related page, please contact CJets. Pages must be professional and appropriate, and aviation related. If not, then they will get deleted.

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While using the chat and commenting, you may be as professional or as silly as you want, and there are no rules about topics in the chat, but do not be inappropriate or rude to others, or you will get kicked from the chat. Being kicked from the chat is a warning. If you do the same thing three times, you will be banned from the chat. Profanity IS allowed however. If you attack another user on the comments, you will be blocked for a certain amount of time.

So please follow the rules when you use this wiki, and have fun!

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